Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What (protect Karl) noble (9/11 truths) cause, (clean Gannon’s dress) George?

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Out of nowhere, Sheehan is being touted as the leader the antiwar movement has supposedly been lacking. There is no question that Sheehan has galvanized the opposition. Her loss of a son gives her legitimacy the antiwar movement doesn't have in the eyes of some. Her refusal to back down in the face of the elements, hostile locals, and possible arrest has elevated her further.

The simplest measure of her effectiveness is the zeal with which the right wing is tearing into her—calling her a disgrace to her son's memory and a dupe of the radical antiwar left. She is neither of these, of course, in the eyes of the public—which is precisely why the right is attacking.

Seventy percent of Americans polled last week thought Bush should meet with Sheehan. He won't, of course. He'll finish his vacation in the comfort of his ranch and then go back to Washington. Three miles away, Sheehan will get arrested, or not, and then doubtless follow him back to Washington, her life transformed by the remarkable success of her simple protest.

But in the process, we will have learned a little more about Bush. We will have learned, again, that he is a man comfortable among acolytes and big donors but deeply uncomfortable when confronted with a skeptic, in or out of his inner circle. We will have learned that a man who has yet to attend the funeral service of a single fallen Iraq soldier can't make time for their families, either, unless it's on his terms. And we will have learned that he lacks the simple gift of empathy, which Clinton had in spades, and which would have allowed him to defuse the protest with a minimum of fuss or time.

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I have a great deal of interest in the fact that nothing has changed (except the media coverage) since the media drumbeat began the build-up toward invading Iraq. Those opposed to war are still opposed, and those supportive of the Bush regime are still supportive. Those with character and integrity haven’t changed, and those with a penchant toward lying, cheating, and stealing are still inking the line-up card and sending our best players on assignment when we most need them here at home.

What do you suppose has triggered the media coverage of Cindy Sheehan and her legion of supporters? What could possibly be taking place under our noses that the Bush cartel is more concerned about keeping from public scrutiny than the story of Cindy Sheehan and the simple question that can not possibly be answered without drawing even more attention to the fact that we were duped into this unethical act of naked aggression?

I shudder to consider the possibilities.


Maryellen said...

war IS hell, and shalom is so much more than just peace. Innocent people die while hate lives on, in all camps. wars and rumors of wars.
we can protest, we can weep, we can not change it. I wonder what you have to say about the Gaza affaire? The Sudan? We can sit in lawn chairs and protest, or pray the rosery in front of an abortion clinic, and even if we do get arrested, we will be clothed, fed, and given a clean place to sleep.
And the world goes on.

dailyread said...

I feel the same way about the Gaza conflict as I do about any conflict. There is absolutely no reasonable excuse for treating any segment of humanity differently that you would want to be treated.
Cause and effect are universal. If someone drove a bulldozer through my house because of my nationality, skin color, or geographical location, they would be eliciting a response that could not be differentiated from the responses we have seen in Gaza and Iraq.
I am less familiar with the situation in Sudan and other areas experiencing genocide (because the US media does not see fit to illuminate their consumers), but I can think of no reason for the international community to sit by and allow this type of action to continue.
It all boils down to a feeling of separation and devisiveness between countries (which is perpetuated by institutions, organizations, and Governments holdind the view that they are different, better, or more correct than everyone else).