Thursday, August 11, 2005

We don’t have enough rope for the Bush Gang

Whether you are Liberal, Conservative, or Independent, you can be certain that the election process is stacked against you somewhere in this country.

My previous post tells a story about people who have made a decision to take control of their local Government, and turn it back into an instrument of representation for the people. It is a wonderful story, full of hope and promise that the system is not always going to be broken and corrupt.

I firmly believe that a voting process that is conducted openly and honestly, as it was intended, will eventually make party loyalty a mute point. Once the system begins to properly respond to the true correlation between votes cast and votes counted, we will discover that there is really only one party, and that is the people.

The people understand that money spent wisely on the societal problems that have consistently been fodder for campaign promises (and nothing more) will elevate the quality of life for every citizen, smooth out the bumps and chuckholes in our National Transportation System, and allow us to rebuild the manufacturing base of America in a way that is responsible to the seventh generation to come.

The era of George W. Bush is chock full of lessons learned should we choose to recognize them publicly, and discuss them openly and honestly. This will probably require the FCC to be de-politicized and overhauled so we can re-build the worthiness of media outlets, but that just happens to be one of the lessons to be learned.

In any case, it all begins with the voting process, and your voice is needed to fill out the choir. If you post on a blog, include a weekly article from or mention of Black Box Voting (dot ORG), and if you are simply a reader, do what you can to keep the voting issue in the public discussion.

Arcata, California has given the issue of voter confidence some legs, and they deserve our respect, support, and willingness to step up in our own local communities. You’ll like the way it feels to speak out against political corruption and cronyism, I guarantee it.


Mr. Natural said...

Richard, that is a GREAT AND IMPORTANT idea...I will try to post that logo once a week! How was your riverside beach getaway?

dailyread said...

Hey Joe, it was absolutely great. We had a minor run-in with the Forest Service Lawmen because we had an open cooking fire ($100.00 fine) and two of our campers rode their ATVs across the river (Two $100.00 fines), but it really was a great trip.

This voter confidence issue is going to be the key to any possible effectiveness our future Government might be able to muster. All you have to do is pay attention to the polls on Bush and Congress these days, and you know our belief in their integrity ranks slightly behind our desire to sit in a tub of itching powder.

If the voting process does not get tamper proofed, we can expect to see this country continue to be run by the one-delta-ten-tango band of juvenile escapees from a very bad movie that didn't even make it to DVD. Damn, that hurts to even think about it.

Karlo said...

I've got some rope that I can lend you.

dailyread said...

Thanks Karlo,
I count on you enough as it is, and I don't feel right about borrowing something that will be too nasty looking (and smelling) to be returned.

Karlo said...

I understand...