Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time for the Annual Road Trip

The time has come to take a step back, and look at this political world from an entirely different perspective. I certainly can’t continue to look at it from the front end of a television set displaying CNN, MSNBC, or FOX NEWS and expect a different outcome…so; I will try looking at it through the bottom of a beer bottle or whiskey glass for a few days. Hopefully, that will clear things up.

Coincidentally, it is time for the annual road trip back into the wilderness with a caravan of hard working (and hard playing) friends. I have been looking forward to it for approximately a year now, so it is about time…

Most of today (Thursday) will be spent packing and loading for the trip with a few evening hours spent trying to make the final table in a satellite hold ‘em tournament. I am going to be a passenger on this trip, so all I have to worry about is getting enough sleep before we head out on Friday morning.

Our destination is a desolate gravel bar on the bank of a river that dumps into the Pacific Ocean somewhere along the upper coast of Washington State. It is an awesome place to gather for a week end with about twenty or thirty of your closest and most distant friends. There are enough trees surrounding this intimate setting to assure even the most jaded naturist that the Bush Administration is not yet aware of its existence.

I have the deepest admiration for those of you forced to stay behind to monitor the political goings on while I am on holiday. Perhaps you will get lucky and pResident Bush will also go on vacation. God knows the man has a tendency to overwork… especially some of the words and phrases he is forced to use by his dough-boy looking handler. In any case, you have my gratitude.

I shall return with a renewed sense of vigilance…smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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