Sunday, August 14, 2005

Promise them anything, but give them a betrayal of trust

A Soldier Speaks: Zechariah
By Celina R. De Leon, AlterNet. Posted August 4, 2005.

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Did your beliefs change once you were participating in the war?
I think my beliefs had changed once we were on the ground. Within days we had seized all of the oil fields in northern Iraq and our primary mission was to protect them. Bush had said this war wasn't about oil, but there I was defending oil fields at all costs in the middle of Iraq. A lot of the piping and workings of the fields had been destroyed by the fleeing army and before we even started to help the people by fixing the power or water supplies, they had construction crews trying to get everything up and running on the oil fields.

They say this war isn't about oil. How about they go and trade places with one of the soldiers that would love to come home, and see what's going on around the oil refineries and see how much work is being put into them and how little is being put into restoring power and water. My brother just got back [from Iraq] and said they still only have power and water for maybe five to six hours out of the day.

I also worked with a lot of the local hospitals. The whole time we were there, the hospitals kept getting worse and worse. They never had any supplies or new machines installed. Even some of the more simple machinery, like X-ray machines, were never replaced. Every time I went into one of the hospitals I almost emptied my aid bag so they could have sterile catheters and needles. I couldn't believe my eyes to see that they were having to reuse these supplies because they couldn't get replacement equipment. They didn't even have soap.

All of this helped me to see where the priorities in this war were. Obviously, not in the people.


Mr. Natural said...

Rich, I am about ready to put up another hi-way sign. The new one will be round and say IMPEACH THE LIARS. hope to have it up before labor day so it gets lots of views...

dailyread said...

Right on, Joe. You might add the URL for After Downing Street just to catch a couple folks with a curious bent that aren't paying attention to anything but the sun, fun, and sand down there.

Maryellen said...

I've only had time to read your last two postings so far, I'm interested to see "where you're coming from" Words, and opinions are very interesting things. Just as in the Bible, you can find verses to support or disclaim just about anything. It is obvious that on any given topic, you can find someone at each side of the spectrum who feels very strongly that their point of view and their conclusions are absolutly correct.
The Bible defines the satan as the father of lies. Jesus said about himself "I am the Truth"
I agree that America is standing on very shakey ground and American Christians are doing nothing about it. They are still saying "One Nation Under God" and singing "God Bless America" I am more of a conservative than a liberal, and politically I am an agnostic. I need to head off to work. I have 10 special education teen agers to convince that their lives really matter. But I'll be back. Some of your links sound disturbingly interesting. And I am wondering, how in the world you found me?

dailyread said...

Hi maryellen,

I discovered your blog through apostle john. He found his way here, left a comment, and I went over to see what was happening in his neighborhood. Of course, it was you and your commenting readers that I found so interesting.

I am deeply attracted to puzzling out the reasons that people think and behave the way they do, and it all comes back to trying to figure out why I think and behave the way I do. The community that you attract with your great writing reminds me a lot of the community I grew up in. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to ask questions or speak out in those days, so I probably overcompensate with my comments at times.

I think it is great that you came to visit, and I hope there is something here to keep you coming back. This is the outlet for my political frustration, as you can tell, but I have other outlets which I will link you to on your latest post.

See you there.

Maryellen said...

I do seem to attrack some strange folk...and I just love it!