Saturday, May 21, 2005

Can Wind Power the World?

(Excerpt from mojoblog)

Two Stanford researchers have put out a new scientific study suggesting that the potential for wind-driven energy is actually many times greater than was previously believed, and may, in fact, be more than enough to meet the whole world's energy demands. Analyzing thousands of sites around the globe, the researchers estimated that wind power could produce 72 terawatts of energy per year—many times greater than the 1.6-1.8 terawatts the world used in 2000. North America, meanwhile, was found to have the greatest wind power potential, though its unclear whether the United States could satisfy its own needs through domestic wind power alone.


Mr. Natural said...

Y'know, I am not a real good Christian or nothin', but it seems to ME that God (whichever God you prefer) wouldn't put problems in front of us that we couldn't solve...just seems right to me...

dailyread said...

There really aren't any problems, Joe...just situations that we have to work our way through. Each of us has to deal with things the best we know how. If we do something that ends up being painful, it was probably the wrong thing to do. If it feels good, it was probably the right thing to do. Nobody can really make that call but us.
Christian is just another people use when they don't have an ample vocabulary to describe something properly. I figure folks are just folks...thinking one way today and another way tomorrow because that's the way it all works.
When I get too full of the crap floating around out there, I like to refer back to that mystical Eastern Philosophical belief..."It doesn't really matter".
Works for me.

Karlo said...

I don't know why we aren't building windmills everywhere, right now. They clearly work and are clean.

dailyread said...

I have a feeling the grand design is to kick up the available wind (soon to be evident in Florida) and sun (becoming more prevalent around the warming globe) to entice the human race into using these sources of energy instead of the currently used fuels that are spoiling the environment for our habitation. If we opt for the obvious, we will become part of the self-correcting eco-sphere. If not, our successor specie will be able to start from scratch.