Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Veteran’s Prayer (2005)

As a Viet Nam Veteran (a proud member of the “Gator Navy” with service aboard the USS Eldorado AGC-11 from early 1967 to late 1969) and one who celebrates his birthday during this Memorial Day Week-end, I would like to reach out from here to all my Brothers and Sisters who have EVER served, and to the friends and Family members who have served with them through a continued level of Love and support.

I know that most men and women who don the uniform of our military services simply do so in an effort to better their lot in life. Some do so because of a Family Tradition, and others because they are unexplainably drawn to the military way of life. Regardless of the reason, they each take on a personal commitment to give up “self” in the effort to further the ideals of Country. The results of this commitment will ultimately become their personal blessing or burden through their service connected experiences.

When we transition back into civilian life, it is with a sense of understanding about the futility of war. I was never required to carry a weapon into battle, but I witnessed the devastating effect on some who made that journey. They did so at the behest of our Country’s Leaders, which is always reason enough at the time. These men and women deserve our respect, gratitude and commitment to ensure they live out their lives knowing that their basic needs will always be met (not simply a stated priority by an empty suited politician seeding his/her vote garden for the next election).

At this moment in history, we are fortunate to have decision makers in Congress who understand the unselfish demands of military life during a time of war. Their abilities to meet the needs of our Country’s Veterans are enhanced by the richness and intensity of their own personal experiences. The only downside possible is that they are so immersed in their unique Congressional Battle Unit that they have lost the ability to think and act as individuals, and are blindly following the lead of those with no sense of the sacrifices made by our military men and women, or the devastating effects of those sacrifices.

As a country, we need to move forward in history taking advantage of the wealth of opportunity available through “lessons learned”. We need to elevate the stature of all Veterans, and we need to divest our leadership of all individuals and organizations refusing to mature beyond the use of force to make their point.

We have leaders in Congress with the ability to step out into America’s unknown future in a manner that benefits the world, and it is beyond time to invest our faith and power in these men and women. Perhaps we will be able to eradicate the foul taste of greed, corruption, and immaturity by taking the initiative to demand a fuller menu of options.

As a proud Veteran, this is my most fervent prayer.


Mr. Natural said...

WELL DONE DR! Very eloquent, and heartfelt. I share your sense of duty to the veterans AND the active duty personnel. We did ours, now it is up to us to see that those who come after are taken care of...MIGHTY GOOD BLOG.

dailyread said...

Thanks Joe. You are exactly right that it is up to us to see that our current war fighters are properly cared for in the future. We need to track the actions of the caring and the uncaring in Congress, and let it be known when they act. Once the troops come home, it will be time to focus on their needs. We can help by continuing to speak out on their behalf.