Monday, May 16, 2005

Two limits + one Posted by Hello

These fish were taken at Fancher Reservoir using power bait and a variety of spinners. Four of us took a limit each (a total of twenty fish) in an afternoon.
The water is still cold in May, so the fish were very firm...and more than a good meal.


Jozee said...

Yummy. Thanks for sticking with me, friend. jo

Mr. Natural said...

great looking mess of fish! I just love that country from Okanagan to the border and between hiway 97 and the Kettle Range.

dailyread said...

It is pretty nice up there, Joe. I haven't gone past Republic into Ferry County, but I hear the country is fantastic all the way to the Idaho border (and beyond), and the fishing opportunities are vast.

dailyread said...

Hey Jozee,
I visit way more often than I comment. It is always a pleasure to see the changes you have made, and I look forward to whatever is next.