Friday, May 27, 2005

They told us we’d go blind…

FDA Looking Into Blindness-Viagra Link


Viagra was approved by the government in 1998. It may aid in the treatment of enlarged hearts that can result from high blood pressure, tests on animals indicate.
Viagra, approved to treat erectile dysfunction, should not be used by men with heart conditions whose doctors have warned them not to have sex. Also, patients taking drugs that contain nitrates have been warned not to take Viagra because of sudden, unsafe drops in blood pressure.
The drug's label also warns of erections lasting longer than four hours, painful erections lasting longer than six hours, headache, flushed skin and vision problems.

(My Comments)

All joking aside, it takes an adequate amount of blood coursing through the brain to allow logical and reasonable thinking. If most of that blood is trapped elsewhere for four or six hours, how can one be expected to recognize the perils of headache, flushed skin, blurred vision or palm stubble? Could this dilemma possibly be what has created the current gaggle of National Legislators?

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