Sunday, May 01, 2005

A trip to the wild side

I have been busy this week getting ready for a trip to North Central Washington which is on the East side of the Cascades. I closed up camp in September last year… a month earlier than usual, and am anxious to get it opened back up. I made the mistake of obligating myself to a part time job that devoured my entire summer last year. Not this year. . . I still have the job, but I am going on vacation.

I have a chunk of acreage just off Aeneas Valley Road, which is between Tonasket and Republic in Okanogan County. The floor of the valley is a little higher than 2600 feet above sea level, and my property works its way from there up to about 2800 feet. The upper twenty acres are on a Forestry Management Plan, so I get to take out a lot of pole size timber to make room for the larger healthy trees to grow. This year, I have a group of friends making the trip over to help me harvest some poles and use them to erect a shelter over the tent trailer that I use as a second home.

I put up a shower house two years ago, which contains an expansion tank, hot water heater, shower stall and toilet. This area will be known as The Dumin Room (in honor of my deceased Brother Ron) as soon as there is enough lighting to be able to read on the toilet. [I miss you, Ronnie]

If you really enjoy fishing and/or hunting, and a quiet place to park your camper without paying overnight fees, I advise you to spend some time looking through this website.

I could go on and on, but I have to finish loading the car…and I still have a few blogs to read before I call it a day.


Karlo said...

Western Washington. That's located on the other side of heaven, no?

dailyread said...

Hey Karlo,
Western Washington is the other side of Liberal Heaven and Eastern Washington is the other side of Conservative Heaven. If you grab the entire state and squeeze it like a sponge, it will most likely drip a lovely shade of blue.
Actually, it is all heaven to me when I am looking another day in the face.

Karlo said...

Yes. I hope to do enough altruistic deeds to go there when I die.