Sunday, May 29, 2005

Throw the BUMS out

The Downing Street Memo by itself is adequate grounds for Impeachment.

It is my fervent belief that George W. Bush has never in his life won a Presidential election (never mind debate). In concert, it is my fervent belief that the election process has become a plaything of the Republican Machine that owns everything having to do with elections and make no bones about it. Many of the Republican Legislators infesting the House and Senate at this moment in time are a direct result of the corrupt voting system and their ability to use it to steal 51% of the vote.

I voted a Republican ticket in 2000 because I was judgmentally injured in the media war I was unaware of at that time. Had it not been for the five knife thrusts into the back of Democracy by members of the Supreme Court, I would undoubtedly have bled to dumb from my media war wounds. As it happened, I found myself glued to the television following the court battle and listening to every word the cable newsmeisters were feeding to their rapidly growing audience. Had I not been so into it, I would have missed discovering for myself that ALL the cable faces are spin doctors…actually, make those bald-faced liars. I watched one of the Democrats make a statement on CSPAN that I thought was well spoken, and when it concluded, I went searching for more news fodder for my dying brain. This brought me to Fox News where I listened to a face give an analysis of the statement I had just witnessed…only he got it wrong…all messed up…completely ass backward from what was actually said. I have since witnessed this spin behavior on all cable news many times.

I have to admit that I didn’t think lying and calling it news was such a big deal at first, but the casualties from this action have been piling up steadily, and our Republic is in grave danger of succumbing to the daily pummel of bullshit that is not now and never has been news. We have allowed political misfits funded and directed by their corporate masters to take over the only game in town with the intention of retaining perpetual power by virtue of rules modifications and blatant cheating.

I can understand the dilemma of the 60% would-be greats caught in the squeeze between doing the right thing and getting your asses kicked off the map by the corrupt machine, but something has to happen to alter the course of this Governmental train wreck. I know it doesn’t sound like salvation or solution, but I signed up for impeachment when Ramsey Clark presented the opportunity, and it is obvious millions of concerned Americans are surging toward that conclusion.

This administration is led by, seconded by, and full of BUMS…it is time to throw them out and give this severely violated country an opportunity to get back on the righteous trail.

"The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." ...


Mr. Natural said...

I am with you on the impending impeachment, but I want the whole Bush gang to be prosecuted. I am going to make road signs to that end. My last road sign DUMP NIXON (crossed out) BUSH! was up for 3 years. My 80 year old mom is frightened at the direction of our country as you and I are, only with a bit more perspective.
Sometimes I am afraid of my blogging as I life on SS disability and a small union pension. The bush gang is real mean and it wouldnt surprise me a BIT if they came after little guys like you and me...

dailyread said...

I seriously doubt many of them will escape reprisal. When the full scope of the damage they have caused by their culture of secrecy and arrogant policies becomes common knowledge (and it will), politics in America will have to move away from the unscrupulous practices currently employed...back toward something we can all feel good about.
Media regulation and money-free elections would be a good start.