Friday, January 14, 2005

A day goes by.

A good portion of today was spent reading some of my favorite blogs, as well as a number of new ones... and jumping through the emotional hoops that always crop up when I stumble across something particularly good or bad. There is certainly a lot going on in the world to feel lousy about, but there are some good things going on out there too. I find myself more inclined to post the bad stuff because my reaction to it is so intense... and so immediate.

I haven't been blogging very long at all, but I have been journaling off and on for years. I try to do my journaling as soon as I am up and have my first cup of coffee in hand. It forces me to focus inward, which seems to gather my energy and give me a controlled start in my day, whereas, starting my day in a hurry and without that focus usually means my energy will be scattered, and my day will be filled with false starts and few finishes.

When the 2004 political season began, I was leaning more toward Dennis Kucinich than any other candidate because Dennis seemed to verbalize my thoughts and feelings. I happen to think he is one of the few true progressives left in American Politics. He is original, intelligent, and has more integrity in his little finger than the entire (R) political machine combined.

Now that we have had a second helping of the war on terrorism, and dessert is probably on the drawing board, it is interesting to look back at The Department of Peace concept that Dennis introduced... and Marianne Williamson continues to support and promote.

These are good people trying to do good things... Maybe it is time.

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