Sunday, January 09, 2005

Okay is a done deal for us.

Now that the Seahawks have come to the cleat hanging point of their season, it is time for Pacific Northwest sports fans to look elsewhere for the daily fix.

The Supersonics are well worth every minute spent watching them this season (and I am), but the team that really gets my level of excitement up is the Mariners.

I have a feeling that the winds of change are going to blow very hard around and through the Seahawks Organization this coming off-season, but what has been happening with the Mariners as they attempt to patch up a few cracks and apply a fresh coat of "get it done" prior to spring training?

We will hit the diamond with a lot of new faces this year, and with a lot of familiar faces. There is no doubt some changes were necessary, have been made, and more are coming.

As well as having a lot of experience around the infield, it would be great if we could figure out how to package and distribute some of the excitement and determination that Willie Bloomquist brings to the game...

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