Monday, January 10, 2005

You are what you eat!

There is a dull roar in the background (coming from the television in another room) that echoes the familiar drumbeat of "the story of the day". Today it happens to be the tail end of the "60 Minutes" scandal, as well as important information about another Hollywood couple changing the status of their relationship. Down beneath that dull roar, however, is the knowledge that so much more is being drowned out.

In light of the information recently reported about how the FDA seems to be too close to the large drug manufacturers, I would like to go back to something that has been written and talked about virtually every day for years (occasionally in the mainstream media), and that is the safety of our food supply.

This story about Patrick Hicks of Colton, California (posted on talks about the possibility of his death being from a variant of the wasting disease caused by eating tainted beef.
Pay particular attention to the actions taken by Public Health Officials.

This article, "Why Eat Organic Meat?", contains information that every person providing for a family (especially a family with children) should know and understand.

This website is full of interesting articles and great information about where your food should be coming from starting tomorrow.

I am really proud that I got through this without mentioning Monsanto or Fox News once.

Everyone needs a cause to fight for... access to safe and healthy food is a good pick.

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