Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I gave at Costco

I absolutely had to make a run to the local Costco to pick up a few items today, and standing in the long check out line I noticed a posted sign about helping out the tsunami victims. The cashier was happy to add a small amount onto the bill (it shows up as Red Cross on the receipt) and I was on my way.

I can still remember the vast amount of money that was donated to the victims of 9/11 fund. I can also remember the controversies regarding how the money was going to be distributed, who was qualified to receive a share, and why it was taking such a long time to happen.

There isn't any question in MY mind about the generosity of people in a crisis situation. I can only hope that every dollar donated has the intended impact where it is most needed.

I am almost ashamed that it takes a crisis to remind me that I do have the ability to share some of what I have, and I should be doing it as often as possible in my local community.

Seeing the outpouring of Love and generosity that is currently taking place makes me wonder how we can possibly overlook the poverty and hunger that resides just around (almost) every American corner (almost) every day.

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