Sunday, January 30, 2005

Some notes

A couple of notes regarding my previous post:

The author of that article is Lea MacDonald (, and I have a vast amount of respect for his methods and his abilities. If you feel the same way, please make an effort to let him know.

The hands down best company I have ever done business with is Costco. I have renewed my annual membership fee every December for way more than twenty years because no one I know (or have ever heard of) has had a less than satisfactory experience at the hands of a Costco employee.
I also shop on because anything I purchase that disappoints me in any way can be returned to the nearest Costco store with absolutely no resistance involved. They will ask you why you want to return a purchase, but any reason is good enough for them.
The way Costco treats their employees is another story (for another time), but should be used as a model for any company seeking loyalty from the labor force and the shopping public.

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