Sunday, January 16, 2005

More on food safety

I stumbled onto an interesting interview that can be read here:

Robert Cohen: Let's play some more trivia with you, Mike. We know breast cancer -- what country has the highest rate of heart disease?
Mike Adams: Well, I'm still thinking the United States.
Robert Cohen: Nope! Denmark, Norway, Holland and Sweden --
you're going to get it sooner or later! Bone disease, heart disease, breast
cancer -- see where are we going with this? -- highest rates of dairy consumption. We're seeing absolute correlations between these diseases and dairy consumption, and I can give you the reason. We have much more than just national epidemiological studies -- we have mechanisms by which these diseases occur, in breast cancer and every cancer, thousands of things cause cancer. Every time we pick up a newspaper there's a new thing identified as causing cancer.
But thousands of things cause it -- once you get it in your body, one thing makes it
grow, and the one thing that makes it grow is the most powerful
growth hormone you make in your body called insulin growth factor. And remarkably, the greatest miracle of science, of nature, is that this hormone in a cow's body and in a human body is identical. As a matter of fact, out of 4700 different species of mammal and hundreds of millions of different proteins in nature, there's only one hormone in the entire animal kingdom that is identical between two species -- human and cow IGF-1, which has been called the key factor in the growth and proliferation of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, every human cancer.

Check out Robert Cohen's website here.

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