Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Who's YOUR Daddy?

Some of us are beginning to understand how the news media and (supposedly) independent columnists have been slanting the information we receive about issues that are extremely critical to our ability to make informed choices.

When erroneous and/or biased information leads us to a choice that can adversely affect the health and future of our loved ones (perhaps for generations to come), what possible recourse do we have...?

This story, which is a follow up on yesterday regarding the Fox News and Monsanto issue, gives us a teeny bit of hope. Perhaps we will see the beginning of a new responsibility at the FCC.

Hormones injected into the beef we eat is another issue that should be of great interest, so arm yourselves with a little knowledge.

I don't want to beat this to death, but if you are currently unaware of these food safety issues, don't expect the mainstream media to enlighten you any time soon.

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Katharine said...

Excellent point. With so much of the media today owned by megaconglomerates with divisions that manufacture food or accept lots of advertising dollars from those who do, you can't expect (sadly) to see the truth about what actually goes into our food (or laws or the voting process or etc. etc. etc.).

I have to admit I was none too careful about the food I ate until I moved to Vermont where great consideration is given to the topic. Now I'm just amazed and horrified. I'm also at the point where even my dog only gets Amish or other non-treated meats because of what we now know about how many of the big chicken producers treat their livestock.

BTW, I'm glad I happened over. You've got a great blog here.