Monday, January 03, 2005

Spiritual Cinema Circle

I have been a member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle for a number of months now, and I really think it was one of my better moves. For a nickel more than I pay for my dial-up internet service, I get a package of movies in the mail each month that are mine to keep and share with my family and friends. I highly recommend that you check them out.

My next door neighbor just brought me some home made jellies for letting her walk my dog. I have a feeling that this is a winner for me however you look at it. My dog is a yellow lab with more energy than a Texas oil well, so she needs to have her out and about time. Since I am not daily faithful about taking her out, it is really nice to have a neighbor happy to do that. In addition, I am not the guy you would expect to see putting up jams or jellies, but I really do enjoy having them on the table when it is time to eat.

We are finally feeling the cold around the Puget Sound area. I'm not sure how cold it got last night, but my little pond in the back yard had a sheet of ice on it this morning, and I would have had to scrape the windshield if I was still going to work in the morning (I sure don't miss that part). I know we will get some snow one of these days, but it never comes down like it did every year when I was a kid (you know, uphill both ways to school and all that). I guess if I want to see a lot of snow, I'll have to move to California.

I hope you are getting the January weather you wanted.

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