Friday, January 21, 2005

Part time work is a speed bump

A week ago I was feeling guilty about spending so much time tapping on the keyboard, but I am now intimately aware that the guilt was an illusion.

I was handed a mission (from my part time employer) two days ago... a mission that should have taken half a day... and I am only now getting back to the level of time wasting I worked all my life to achieve. I can actually turn any four hour job into a two dayer, but it is a different type of time wasting when you are keyboarding.

The last thing I remember (before being gainfully interrupted) was posting a comment to Karlo (Swerve Left again) that took multiple attempts and an awful lot of time. I kept getting an error message which I attributed to the agonizing length of time my dial up was stretching the effort out to... and I never got an indication that the comment had published until I finally returned to the post I was commenting on, and there it was.

So...I finally made the call for a high speed hook up, which will be in place early next week. I have no doubt that even my work will seem to go faster from then on.

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